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COVID-19 Related Products PPE

Vollara’s air products – Active Pure Technology

Clean the Air for you!  The Air that you can trust

KN-95 Masks – FDA registered 4 Floors Non-Woven

Medical Masks – Disposable 3PLY Masks

Protected Gloves – Nitrile Gloves

Hand Sanitizer – FDA registered; Water Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer in different sizes.

UV-C lights for the air purification:

95W UV-C Light Bulb & Accessories

60W UV-C Light Bulb & Accessories

36W UV-C Light Bulb & Accessories

35W UV-C Light Bulb & Accessories

Pocket Ultrasound Probes

This handheld, pocket-sized ultrasound system makes it easier for healthcare professionals to get the right stick the first time.  This Ultrasound Probe assists in vein identification and to Reduce Hematomas

General Health Products