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COVID-19 Related Products PPE

Vollara’s air products – Active Pure Technology

Clean the Air for you!  The Air that you can trust

KN-95 Masks – FDA registered 4 Floors Non-Woven

Medical Masks – Disposable 3PLY Masks

Protected Gloves – Nitrile Gloves

Hand Sanitizer – FDA registered; Water Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer in different sizes.

UV-C lights for the air purification:

95W UV-C Light Bulb & Accessories

60W UV-C Light Bulb & Accessories

36W UV-C Light Bulb & Accessories

35W UV-C Light Bulb & Accessories

Pocket Ultrasound Probes

This handheld, pocket-sized ultrasound system makes it easier for healthcare professionals to get the right stick the first time.  This Ultrasound Probe assists in vein identification and to Reduce Hematomas